What we do

What we do

Netsonda offers its clients a huge range of solutions from traditional methods to quantitative and qualitative studies and business climate studies or studies conducted by the Netsonda panel, the largest online panel of consumers in Portugal and one of the largest in Spain.

The Netsonda technical department is a member of ESOMAR - World Association of Research Professionals and operates according to the ICC/ESOMAR code.

If you want to read more about Netsonda studies, products and methodologies, see the section below.

Netsonda Services


Quantitative Research

In an ever changing market, where each consumer has its own and unique identity, companies need to know what how he feels, thinks and acts in every moment.

Netsonda’s quantitative research team have the right skills to fully develop a project in all its steps such as defining the appropriate methodology and sample, designing the questionnaire, fieldwork and quality control, and finally, data analysis and reporting, addressing the goals of our clients in a quick and competitive way.
As a Full Agency, and aiming for the quality of the output, Netsonda performs a wide range of approaches such as Online Interviews, Telephonic, Face-to-Face, via Postal, Mystery Shopping, Hall-Test or another methodology that proves to be the most appropriate for any specific scenario.
The company has an extensive experience in Ad-Hoc research, having performed countless projects to date for over 200 clients such as Concept and New Product Testing, Price Range, Packaging Test, Pre and Post Communication Test, Segmentation, Positioning, Usage & Attitudes, Satisfaction, Touch Points, Trackings, Mystery Shopper, Conjoint Analysis, Max Diff, among many others.


Qualitative Research

We know reality is complex and multifaceted. The understanding and the study of this reality requires different approaches such as Focus Groups, living with the consumer, or co-creation, Online Communities or other methodologies and techniques that are more adequate.

This is why we and our clients have been developing products, approaches and methodologies more and more in line with each challenge.

We use an extensive, varied range of methodologies and qualitative techniques depending on each project's needs, such as:

Focus Group
Interviews of one, two or three people
Online and telephonic personal interviews
Observations (point of sales, at home …)
Accompanied shopping
Ethnographic studies (“living with the consumer”)
Protective and association techniques
Positional charts of brands and products
Consumer communities (on and offline)
Tailor-Made Workshops

Netsonda has its own facilities in Lisbon for qualitative research, in a central location, for the comfort of its clients and the consumers who take parts on their studies.

These facilities include:
1. Room for Focus Groups, interviews and usability tests
2. Room for viewing with unidirectional mirror
3. TV and audio closed circuit
4. Video and audio digital recording
5. Kitchen for product testing

Room for Focus Groups
Room for Focus Groups, interviews and usability tests


One of Netsonda’s expertises relates to the digital universe. In a time where brands want to keep up with the world’s largest growing platform, and where rules change each day, Netsonda presents a set of solutions to support them in defining their digital presence.

Online Communities​

Seen as a strategic asset for marketing, a community is a place where consumers (customers and non-customers) are invited to discuss ideas, share experiences and feelings or to discuss trends, helping to find solutions and business opportunities that otherwise the brand would not have access to.

The result of these communities is answers and insights with higher value and quality, in less time and with less investment.

With the creation, management and moderation from Netsonda, the participation of the community members in all marketing decisions, becomes a reality for brands.

What Likers Like

The What Likers Like study focuses on the Facebook page of a specific brand and the main aim is to gauge the impact of the following vectors on the followers:
1. Recommendation of the brand to friends (in the online and offline worlds)
2. Intention of consuming the brand
3. Page optimisation and the brand's social activation strategy
Click here to check the presentation of this study.


Usability Research

The wide range of devices and platforms is a challenge today for consumers and brands that want to succeed on them.

With this in mind, Netsonda presents a series of methodologies and equipment that use Eye Tracking technology to test the usability of sites, apps, signs and communication in general either in a device or a point of sale.

Usability Tests with Eye Tracking

This usability methodology is based on a device that allows a user's eye movements to be followed in real time (non-intrusive system), gauging the cognitive and unconscious processes that lead them to fulfill a task in a specific way.

In fact, this methodology lets us identify which specific aspects of the stimulus material capture the participant's attention, where they look first and second etc., how long they look at each bit and which ones hold their attention for longest.

After analyzing the videos and the qualitative interviews made with the participants at the end of each test, a result report is produced that contains, among other things, a Heat Map (areas that capture most visual attention), a Gaze Plot (the visual route taken by the eyes between stares, that allow us to assess navigation patterns), a Gaze Replay (visual route in real time made by each participant) as well as a series of other metrics.

Communication Tests with Eye Tracking

This approach uses two complementary techniques: the Qualitative test with Eye Tracking and Qualitative Exploration.

The first technique is based on a device that allows a user's eye movements to be followed in real time (non-intrusive system), gauging the cognitive and unconscious processes that lead them to visualize a piece of communication in a certain way. Eye Tracking lets us gauge how rigorous the visual components are that generate most impact and identify any communication hooks - we gather information about what was seen, the visualization pattern and the time/attention paid to each thing. The qualitative exploration aims to improve the impact of the communication and gather the perceptions regarding the appeal, decoded messages and understood target among other aspects.

The analysis of the qualitative interviews along with the series of indicators that provide greater accuracy to the information that is gathered - the result report contains, among other outputs,  a Heat Map (areas that capture most visual attention) a Gaze opacity (the inverted Heat Map, in other words, what was left out), a Gaze Plot (the visual route taken by the eyes between stares, that allow us to assess navigation patterns), a Gaze Replay (visual route in real time made by each participant) as well as a series of other metrics.

In-Store with Mobile Eye Tracking

The use of Mobile Eye Tracking lets us conduct an extensive assessment of the point of sale, providing useful information to manage the categories and plan the in-store communication strategy.

Using glasses that capture eye movements, it is possible to follow the user's eye movements in real time and gauge the impact of the packaging, a specific communication in the POS or the price. Furthermore, information is gathered about how the shelves are viewed, identifying the areas of greater focus and potentially the most interesting places to put a product.


Regular Studies

Regular Studies

Netsonda conducts a series of regular studies providing the market with some indicators and trends, analysing their evolution over time.

There is some added information below about these studies.

This study, conducted in partnership with ACEPI, is one of the instruments that Netsonda provides all the entities involved in the trade value chain, so they can understand the evolution of the business and the main trends in e-commerce in Portugal from the supply-side perspective.

The barometer is produced quarterly on some of the most representative companies in the sector (from the point of view of turnover) covering all different kinds of business models (B2B, B2C, Home banking, C2C) and reflects a great variety of economic sectors (banking, trade, tourism, construction, press, sports and so on).


This study, conducted in partnership with ACEGE, TSF and the Observador looks at ACEGE managers and members, covering economic and sector questions along with the economic policies being conducted.

The barometer is conducted every month and its results are disclosed by TSF and the Observador.


Organization Climate Studies

Organization Climate Studies

Given the fundamental role of organization climate studies as tools in supporting management (motivation, satisfaction and loyalty analysis, and assessment of a firm's employee expectations, among other aspects), Netsonda provides Netsonda Corporate - Organization Climate Studies.

Netsonda plays an important role in this area with its knowledge of technology and research, which allows it to interact innovatively through this service, with a company's staff and management.

Netsonda's multidisciplinary team and its digital platform ensure the capacity to respond to any company's needs regardless of their size or geographic dispersion. Netsonda has accumulated massive experience in large projects and/or in companies that operate in different countries with questionnaires in various languages.

Netsonda ensures end-to-end management of the entire process - building the questionnaire, implementation, multichannel gathering, information handling, production of reports and support in defining and implementing communication management with the employees by providing a support line and email address. All with the guarantee of total confidentiality and impartiality.

""All this was managed professionally, quickly and in total confidentiality. A project that involved over 2,000 people who never even noticed! Congratulations Netsonda!" Ana Fontoura Fidelidade